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Daddy’s Dream – APBY 44′ Cat Cutter

Originally the illustration of this 44′ Cat Cutter (see below) was for a prospective client of Arey’s Pond so he could visualize what his boat would look like when complete. The piece you see here is the next generation of the original which added some “on the water, Cape Cod” appeal.

I call it, “Daddy’s Dream” because the next boat is always a dream come true.

P.S. – I give naming credit to my sister-in-law, Liz, who  knows how much I enjoy being on the water and also  with her sailing background knows how much of a dream it would be to own this beauty.


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These renderings are a series created to illustrate the sailing fleet at the Osterville Historical Museum. When you visit the museum you will see these on display with each boat.

More from the sailing fleet at Arey’s Pond Boat Yard. Sometimes a client needs to see their color scheme before ordering their boat. These are used for that purpose, plus, enlarged for trade show posters.

Want to get your Cape Cod Cat? Here’s the link:     APBY

Sometimes it helps to see the color scheme before you finalize the details of your new baby. Here are a few choices  of the APBY built Bartender.