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Logo Designs that build your brand.

Your logo is key to the success of your brand. It should be simple, memorable, versatile and suitable for its intended purpose.

Below you’ll see some selected custom logo designs created by TD Agency for a variety of businesses. Included with several of these examples are their Identity Standards, developed to guide usage and maintain consistency over a wide range of applications.

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Simple and clean, TD Agency has used this icon since its inception. Its origins date back to an original Tony Del Negro silk screened graphic print.

Tony Del Negro logo

The new OIA (Orleans Improvement Association) logo is designed to highlight a new, more streamlined organization that has suported the Town of Orleans since 1986. 

Tony Del Negro logo
After the illustrations of the Osterville Historical Museum sailing fleet were complete, the catboat “Frances” was silhouetted and featured to enhance and emphasize the maritime heritage that is a major part of the museum. (view illustrations)

Find out about the Museum at: ostervillemuseum.org

Tony Del Negro logo

You’ll see this logo when the volunteers at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Barnstable promote their new thrift shop. 

The shop coordinater came to TD Agency in need of a logo they could use in the local paper, on their website, church bulletin, signage and T-shirts.

There’s a black and white version in addition to this color version and all the color specification were provided for consistent use across all media.

Tony Del Negro logo

Pink Lady Diamonds

Pink Lady Diamonds needed a mark to showcase their very upscale, very rare, laboratory grown, fancy pink diamonds. The logo needed to be adaptable so the brand could retain its identity when presented to both the trade and retail markets.

Tony Del Negro logo

The Terraces Orleans

Tony Del Negro logo
The Orleans Convalescent and Retirement Center has been in business in Orleans since 1969. Market changes and competition started to erode census and they needed to update and refresh their brand to attract and retain residents. The new name, logo and tag line we created were the start of an upward trend that has brought them back to full occupancy.

Monomoy Regional School District

Monomoy School District logo

Pro bono publico – When the towns of Chatham and Harwich were in the beginning stages of merging together their public schools they needed a logo to help unify the process. There were concepts for the mark but they were struggling to get consensus. Looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, TD Agency contacted the board and offered professional design assistance.

This design was well received by all and has been proudly displayed throughout the system and at the entrances to the school.

Cape Cod Perio
Cape Cod Perio and Joe Nguyen, D.M.D, M.S.D. – Cape Cod, the Islands and South Shore’s leading provider of Periodontics and Dental Implants.
Adele Scott Design Studio
Adele needed a logo to help define her business in the sewing and notions industry. This one looks great on the aprons and signage she uses at trade shows and events.
Salon Justine
Justine and the many talented stylists use this to show off their salon in South Dennis, MA. Click on the logo to see more about the salon.

To better reflect the high level of craftsmanship and detail that goes into every Vath and Higgins Builders project, TD Agency created an updated and targeted company logo that will work seamlessly across marketing channels.

Tony Del Negro logo
In the competitive real estate market on Cape Cod, Joanne and Chris use this mark to stand apart from the crowd. They are affiliated with oldCape/Sotheby’s International Realty and are regular top-sellers.


In order to keep their brand consistent among the many real estate marketing outlets, an Identity Standard guide was also a part of their logo development.

Advanced Family Dentistry of Cape Cod

Orleans Family Dentistry was at the leading edge of patient treatment and was looking for a better way to position the practice and expand potential reach. With a name change and new logo, the practice continues to deliver quality dental care and has broadened its market for potential new patients.

The Mark Sylvia Insurance Agency has been serving Cape Cod, the Islands and South Shore since 1990.

Designed for a leading jewelry manufacturer in the midwest. DDI has been a TD Agency client for over twenty-five years.

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